Vlog Perfect Scripts With Front Camera

Talking into a camera is incredibly daunting for a lot of people, I included. Every single time I think of recording a video for a new topic… the first thing that I focus on is doing my research and writing the script. I’m definitely not from the “talk-in-front-of-the-camera-on-command” gene pool but even after writing the script, I still have issues trying to record the video.

The first issue is usually trying the memorize the whole script (which is unrealistic given the amount of time I have and the length of the script). The second option is to record the video in parts. Look at the script, read a line, look at the camera while trying to say the line correctly and look back at the script and repeat the process. It isn’t very fun and usually takes the fun out of the whole process.

I wonder how other people do it — I mean, I’m sure not everyone who is recording videos of themselves is born with this natural talent. Or are they? If they are — don’t we mere mortals also deserve an opportunity to also do the same.

We wanted to wield some sort of technology, that would allow us to post scripted short videos as fast as possible on social media. It struck us that the front camera is the best sort of camera to record quick videos for social media, as there is very little need to frame adjustment (as you literally see your face while you’re recording it). Just slap the script on top of it and you’re good to go. AND That’s how we came up with CamPrompter.

CamPrompter is a front-camera-enabled teleprompter and the way it works is super simple.


The most special feature about CamPrompter is that —

While you’re reading the text, it seems as if your eyes are looking at the camera!

Because of this — when your viewers actually view your final video, they won’t be able to differentiate whether you’re reading from a script or speaking naturally. This effect goes a long way in retaining user attention and creating a space where the viewer feels like an actual one-to-one conversation is in action.

Get CamPrompter today for iOS and Android.